The MESArc program is a nonprofit organization that requires additional funding at the middle and High School levels, thanks to the donors below we are able to continue this thriving opportunity for our students by raising close to $100,000!  

Please view our proud donors and contribute if you would like by contacting​



The following people are some of our biggest donors to date, giving funds exceeding the 100.00 amount!


Daniel Anderson 

MESArc Subscriber who has donated now 400.00 to the students and the program. He has allowed us to purchase RTF kits and a new Camera for Season 3. Thank you Mr. Anderson!


Nyberg Family 

Donating now 650.00 dollars to the students and the program.  They have allowed us to purchase RTF Trainer planes and Spektrum Systems. 
Thank you Nyberg Family!


Don Runnells 

Donated over 400.00 worth of rc equipment and was the first to ever donate.  He was the reason we were able to get this program off and running.
Thank you Mr. Runnells


Arnold Peckar 

Donated over 400.00 worth of equipment and planes to the MESArc program. Arnold's passion for aviation was unparalleled. Throughout his life, he loved to build, fly, and buy all kinds of aircraft. He was a true enthusiast, and didn't love anything more. His personality and spirit made him one of the best to talk to about aviation, as well as a good friend to those who knew him. Even though Mr. Peckar has passed, his spirit and passion remains. His estate generously donated several hundred dollars worth of equipment and electronics, so that future generations may follow in his footsteps, and share his love for the hobby. 



The awesome names below are the individuals who helped kickstart our High School program called ELITE by donating funds in return for some sweet MESArc products!

Chris Michalek

Larry M. Mackey

Luis Russi

Herbert Keedy

Kyle Nelson

Helen Marshall

Cade Mcfadden
Keith Pilant
Werner Klotsche
Jon Witten
George Erhart
Lori Hvizda Ward
Mike Rodriguez
Lee Souter
John Bemis
Fred Provost
Jamie Leben
Nick Tuttle
John Russcher


Chad Kapper

Diane Lauer

de kercadio

Terry M76

Sue and Wally Muscott

Steve Chamblin

Jake Jepson

Mike Beck

Ray Aunei Mose

Robert Lostin

Garret Hultgren

Amy Collette

David Diehl

Hugh Reynolds

Rick Peck

Pano Asia

Eduard Haig

Darius Tjioe