DESIGN BY: Megan Stackhouse


The Wolverine is an original design, a concept plane that has proven to be the plane of the program. It was designed for slow, high agility ease of flight for intermediates wanting to get more from foam jets. Due to the slow speed/high agility the Wolverine is a fun flyer that intermediates and advanced pilots can enjoy together. This 4 sheet design has the new revised MF style aircraft making it more aerodynamic and easier to build, which still allows for use of all the common RC equipment.  The aircraft has 2 large control surfaces for controlled/high maneuver flight characteristics. The build is tooth and grove construction with a challenge in the creation of the main wing airfoil.  The Wolverine has a huge surface area with a concave airfoil, making it fly with controlled lift that can be flown in light to moderate wind.


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